1. Which type of rose to choose

    Which type of rose to choose

    Roses come in many different varieties. Knowing which type to choose will help you find your perfect match.
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  2. Give your garden an autumn refresh

    Give your garden an autumn refresh

    When the summer flowers are starting to die back, it’s the perfect time to give the garden a new lease of life for the autumn. You can also look back at what has gone well and plan ahead for the following year. Autumn is the perfect time to plant because the warm soil will help roots to establish quicker, and...
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  3. Gardening naturally

    Gardening naturally

    For many, using fewer pesticides in the garden is the starting point to a greener garden. If you care about nature and the wellbeing of pets and family too but you don’t know where to start, we can help! The good news is natural choices also yield fantastic results.
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  4. How to plant summer flowering bulbs

    How to plant summer flowering bulbs

    For a vibrant display of colourful blooms later in the year, fill your beds and containers with summer flowering bulbs as soon as the risk of frost has passed.
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  5. How to prune in winter

    How to prune in winter

    It’s important to prune your plants at the right time of the year.  Many plants that are dormant in winter will benefit from pruning now, particularly fruit trees and bushes, roses and some shrubs.
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  6. How to protect your garden in winter

    How to protect your garden in winter

    In recent years, the UK has seen its fair share of wintry flurries. Many of the plants that are grown in our gardens are perfectly hardy and, if growing in the ground, are not damaged by low temperatures. However, there are some easy ways to give your garden extra protection against snow, cold snaps and generally unpredictable weather patterns...
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  7. Colin's Frequently Asked Questions

    Colin's Frequently Asked Questions

    Colin, our resident plant expert, has been advising Notcutts customers about their gardening needs for many years,  and here are a selection of some of the questions he has answered through our "Ask Colin" service:   I am growing bamboo in pots; do they need any maintenance? Watering is the main requirement. Ideally stand on a saucer. You can divide...
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  8. How to care for your lawn in autumn

    How to care for your lawn in autumn

    Autumn is a great time to get your lawn into shape before the temperature starts to change. With a little time invested now, you can achieve a luscious lawn that will thrive next year and beyond. Watch our short ‘How to’ video with 4 simple steps to getting your lawn in tip top shape.
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  9. How to start a compost heap

    How to start a compost heap

    Homemade compost is a great soil conditioner to use as surface mulch around existing plants or for digging it in to your soil before planting. All soils benefit from the addition of bulky organic matter, which will act as a sponge to hold moisture in light, sandy soils and help break down heavy clay soils, making them easier to work...
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  10. How to water your garden

    How to water your garden

    We know it’s often hard to remember, but summer does occasionally make an appearance in the UK. Your garden can still flourish and look beautiful during warmer weather conditions with a little planning and careful maintenance. Here are our top tips for conserving water and using water responsibly while caring for your garden in the summer.
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  11. How to repair your lawn after winter

    How to repair your lawn after winter

    It is quite normal for lawns to look jaded after the wet and cold winter weather; there may be yellow and brown patches and the grass will have grown at different lengths. If the winter has been cold and dry, levels of light throughout the season will mean the damage is not too bad but if the winter is cloudy...
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  12. How to prune roses

    How to prune roses

    There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars of roses, but one thing they all have in common is the need for a bit of light pruning now and again. Simple pruning helps to promote vigorous growth and ensures plenty of colourful flowers. Pruning roses can be moderately difficult, especially if you’re dealing with an unknown species or particular...
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