1. How to plant a tree

    How to plant a tree

    Autumn and early winter are the ideal times to plant trees. The soil is still warm and the plants are losing their leaves, so will need less water and be under less stress as they establish their root system through the winter. Container grown trees are available year round from your local garden centre.
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  2. How to plant from seed

    How to plant from seed

    Growing plants from seed is one of the first memories that many people have from gardening. Sowing mustard or cress onto wet kitchen towels and watching them on the window sill each day as the seed swells and germinates is a great way to get children involved - especially as the end result can be eaten! Many plants, from colourful...
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  3. Top tips on planting

    Top tips on planting

    One of the biggest benefits of gardening is seeing the fruits of your labour and it’s important to get the most from your garden by creating something you can take pride in. One of the easiest ways to maintain a garden you can enjoy is to ensure that you care for it properly - and this begins with preparation and...
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  4. What to grow by soil type

    What to grow by soil type

    Each and every garden consists of a mixture of different micro-environments. No two gardens offer exactly the same conditions, and this is one of the reasons why gardening is such an exciting hobby. The soil is the starting point for successful gardening. The old saying ‘The secret lies in the soil’ couldn’t be more right! Your soil type is fundamental...
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  5. How to take softwood cuttings

    How to take softwood cuttings

    Spring is the best time of year to take cuttings from perennials such as Phlox, Sedum, Cat Mint and Aster which will flower later in the summer and early autumn. Giving these plants the ‘Chelsea Chop’ trim in May provides you with plenty of softwood material for cuttings so that you can use to replace old plants easily or simply...
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  6. How to take hardwood cuttings

    How to take hardwood cuttings

    If there are particular trees, shrubs, climbers, fruit bushes or roses that you love in your garden and you’re looking to grow more, the easiest way to do this is to take hardwood cuttings. Propagating is especially useful when you need a large number of the same plant – hedges are a perfect example of how hardwood cuttings are used...
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  7. How to set up a greenhouse

    How to set up a greenhouse

    If you’re planning to put together a new garden and want to be able to grow pretty much anything, then a good greenhouse should definitely be on your list of things to buy. A greenhouse allows you to create an atmosphere far hotter and more humid than your actual climate will allow.
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  8. How to plant bedding plants

    How to plant bedding plants

    A nice flowerbed remains one of the most enjoyable ways to add real colour, height and scents to your garden. Popular since Victorian times, bedding plants are ideal for relative beginners because they offer the chance for results without too much difficulty. Not only that, but you’ll see the impact almost immediately without having to invest a great deal of...
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  9. How to plant a hanging basket

    How to plant a hanging basket

    Hanging baskets and hanging pots are an instant way to beautify your house, fences or trellis, giving your garden more personality and character. During the summer, hanging baskets can really lighten up even the dullest porch or doorway, making a wonderful first impression for visitors to your home. From seasonal bedding plants and dwarf bulbs to herbs to low growing...
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  10. Planting Spring flowering bulbs

    Planting Spring flowering bulbs

    Spring flowering bulbs can offer a brilliant display of colour, as long as they’re grown in the right area and in well prepared soil. The simple trick of the trade when it comes to growing large and healthy bulbs is providing them with rich and well drained soil, which will promote growth and an abundance of flowers.
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