1. Drought and underwatering

    Drought and underwatering

    Nearly all plants need a constant and regular supply of water for their roots to absorb. If this is interrupted plants start to wilt and can eventually die.
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  2. Cold and frost damage

    Cold and frost damage

    Frost and cold weather can damage numerous plants, but especially tender plants that can’t tolerate low or freezing temperatures and tender, new growth in spring.
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  3. Calcium deficiency

    Calcium deficiency

    Calcium deficiency isn’t common, and can be difficult to diagnose, but is responsible for two main disorders – blossom end rot in tomatoes and bitter pit in apples.
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  4. Boron deficiency

    Boron deficiency

    Boron is a micronutrient, needed by plants in small amounts. A deficiency can cause poor and stunted growth and a range of other symptoms, depending on the plant.
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  5. Blossom end rot

    Blossom end rot

    Blossom end rot produces dark patches on the bottom of tomato fruits – as well as peppers and aubergines. This plant disorder is mostly caused by irregular watering.
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