1. Woolly Aphid

    Woolly Aphid

    (Eriosoma lanigerum) Like other aphids, woolly aphids are small, sap-sucking insects that attack and damage plants. They cover themselves in a “woolly” covering for protection.
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  2. Whitefly


    (Aleurotuba jelinekii, Aleyrodes proletella, Trialeurodes vaporariorum) Whitefly, as their name suggests, are small white flies that attack a wide range of plants. These sap-sucking insects can build up in large numbers and weaken plants.
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  3. Wasps


    (Various Dolichovespula, Vespa and Vespula species) Wasps rarely do any direct damage to plants, but they can damage ripening fruit. But they have an annoying habit of flying around you, especially when you’re eating.
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  4. Vine Weevil

    Vine Weevil

    (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) Vine weevils are beetles that attack a wide range of plants. The adults eat the leaves, but the more devastating grubs, or larvae, eat the roots and kill plants.
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  5. Viburnum beetle

    Viburnum beetle

    (Pyrrhalta viburni) Viburnum beetle is a serious pest of several species of viburnum. The larvae attack the leaves, causing severe defoliation of plants. Adult beetles also eat the leaves.
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  6. Scale insects

    Scale insects

    (Several species) Scale insects are sap-sucking insects that look like limpets or barnacles on the stems and leaves. They attack and feed on a wide range of plants.
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  7. Slugs and snails

    Slugs and snails

    (Numerous species)  Slugs and snails are probably the most recognised and most destructive pests of garden plants. They will eat and damage just about any plant they come across.
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  8. Sawflies


    (Several different species) The caterpillar-like larvae of several sawfly species eat the leaves of several garden plants, often completely defoliating the plant – almost overnight.
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  9. Rosemary beetle

    Rosemary beetle

    (Chrysolina americana) Rosemary beetle is a reasonably recent pest in the UK. It attacks the leaves and flowers of rosemary, and lavender, sage and thyme, causing extensive damage.
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  10. Red spider mite

    Red spider mite

    (Tetranychus urticae)Red spider mites are miniscule sap suckers, which attack and damage a wide range of plants, mainly indoors. They are very difficult to see with the naked eye.
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  11. Rabbits


    (Oryctolagus cuniculus)Rabbits feed on a wide range of plants in the garden. They may just nibble away at the top of the growth – or cause considerably more damage, killing small plants.
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  12. Plum moth - pink plum maggot

    Plum moth - pink plum maggot

    (Grapholita funebrana) Pink plum maggots – actually the caterpillar larvae of the plum moth – live in and eat the fruit of plums and related damsons and gages, causing “maggoty fruit”.
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