1. Carrot fly

    Carrot fly

    (Psila rosae) Carrot fly is the most serious problem of carrots and some other crops. The maggots tunnel through the roots, making much of the roots inedible.
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  2. Capsid bugs

    Capsid bugs

    (several species, including Lygocoris pabulinus and Lygus rugulipennis) Capsid bugs are common pests on a wide range of plants. They produce small holes in leaves, which enlarge to produce ragged growth, and flowers fail or abort.
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  3. Cabbage root fly

    Cabbage root fly

    (Delia radicum) Cabbage root fly maggots eat the roots of brassicas, and can kill seedlings and young plants. They cause more mature plants to wilt and even die.
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  4. Beetles


    (Numerous species) You’ll find numerous different beetles rummaging around in your garden. Some are serious plant pests, devouring plants, while some are harmless or even beneficial.
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  5. Asparagus beetle

    Asparagus beetle

    (Crioceris asparagi) Asparagus beetle is the most serious pest of asparagus. Heavy attacks by this distinctive beetle weaken the plants and reduces crops in the following year.
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  6. Ants


    Various Formica, Lasius and Myrmica species Ants rarely do any direct damage to plants, but their mining can kill roots, and their effects are secondary. But their anthills are a nuisance in lawns and borders.
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