1. Yarrow


    (Achillea millefolium)  Cultivated varieties of achillea are attractive, ornamental plants. However, wild yarrow is a problematical weed – especially when it gets into the lawn.
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  2. Wild garlic

    Wild garlic

    (Allium ursinum) Wild garlic is a very attractive wildflower, which looks lovely in woodlands. However, in the garden it can be a difficult weed to control, if it grows where you don’t want it.
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  3. Tree stumps

    Tree stumps

    When trees die in the garden or have to be taken down for other reasons, you should always remove the resulting stump. Otherwise this can cause other problems.
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  4. Speedwells


    (Veronica species) Although speedwells’ blue flowers look attractive, these creeping perennial weeds can spread significantly and can smother other plants and takeover the garden.
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  5. Sow thistles

    Sow thistles

    (Sonchus species) Sow thistles are annual and perennial weeds that grow just about everywhere in the garden. They produce lots of seeds and quickly spread to become a problem.
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  6. Shepherd’s purse

    Shepherd’s purse

    (Capsella bursa-pastoris) Shepherd’s purse is a fast growing weed that produces huge numbers of seeds and seedlings, which can quickly colonise large areas of the garden.
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  7. Self-sown ornamental seedlings

    Self-sown ornamental seedlings

    (Numerous species) Many ornamental flowering plants will self-seed if their seed heads are left in place after flowering. As this results in lots of young plants, they may be regarded as “weeds”.
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  8. Scarlet pimpernel

    Scarlet pimpernel

    (Anagallis arvensis) Scarlet pimpernel is an annual wildflower that has spreading stems that grow profusely all over the garden at which point it is regarded as a weed.
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  9. Plantains


    (Plantago species) Plantains are perennial weeds that will grow in most parts of the garden, although they are usually more of a problem when they become established in the lawn
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  10. Oxalis, wood sorrel

    Oxalis, wood sorrel

    (Oxalis corniculata, Oxalis debilis and Oxalis latifolia)   Several species of oxalis are attractive garden plants. But there are some species that can become difficult weeds to deal with, if they are left to grow out of control.
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  11. Nettles


    (Urtica dioica) Nettles, or stinging nettles, are usually regarded as weeds when found in the garden. Their creeping roots can make them difficult to control. But they do have their uses!
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  12. Mosses


    (Numerous species) Mosses are found in many places in the garden, but it’s in the lawn that they are mainly regarded as a problem, spoiling its appearance and reducing grass growth.
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