Visit our Woodbridge naturewalk

We have restored a woodland 0.5km path situated at the rear of our garden centre in Woodbridge, which is now open for customers to enjoy for free during our garden centre opening hours.

Please see our FAQs below.

Notcutts Woodbridge Garden Centre Naturewalk
Woodbridge naturewalk badgers
Woodbridge naturewalk signpost
Woodbridge naturewalk pathway
Woodbridge naturewalk badgers
Woodbridge naturewalk signpost
Woodbridge naturewalk pathway

Frequently asked questions

What times can you enter the walk?
The nature walk is open during garden centre opening hours. We recommend you visit during daylight as the walk is not lit.

Do you have to pay to enter the nature walk?
No, the nature walk is free.

Is the walk accessible for wheelchairs?
The walk has been restored to reflect its natural state and the path contains some steep inclines and is on a gradient in some areas. Therefore we are not recommending the walk is suitable for wheelchair access. However if people would like to enter with a wheelchair they are welcome to do so and we would recommend they have assistance.

Is the walk accessible for pushchairs?
Yes the walk is suitable for single width pushchairs.

What animals live in the woodland?
The woodland is home to many animals including badgers, foxes, Muntjac deer, squirrels and rabbits. There are also a wide variety of birds and insects living in the area.

Will we be able to see the badgers?
Badgers are shy, nocturnal animals so it is very unlikely that you will see them during the walk. If you do see any wildlife please do not approach them.

Can we explore all of the woodland?
The woodland is home to many animals so we politely request you keep to the path and benches to protect the wildlife and their habitat.

Will the walk be escorted?
The walk is unaccompanied, however there are information points describing the area with interesting facts about the history and wildlife.

What else is there to see?
Look out for wooden animal sculptures throughout the walk. There are ten different animals to find: squirrel, pair of squirrels, family of badgers, mole, owl, toad, fox, woodlice, snake and a fawn. There are also fifteen bat boxes, two owl boxes and fifteen bird boxes. Insect hotels have been made from tiles from the old apple store and can be seen along the walk.

Is there a picnic area?
There are a number of benches throughout the walk that people are welcome to sit and enjoy a picnic on. However we respectfully ask that no food is given to or left for animals and that all litter is taken away.

Are school visits allowed?
We are currently unable to accommodate groups from schools due to coronavirus restrictions.

Can I bring my dog on the walk?
To protect the woodland animals and their habitat we are only able to allow assistance dogs on leads into the walk.

Is smoking permitted as it is outdoors?
To protect the woodland, the animals and visitors, smoking is not permitted on the walk.