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Chamaedorea Elegans - 17cm

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The Parlour Palm is magical. It elegantly spruces up your space with its eye-catching dense arching foliage to create an ideal tropical paradise. The palm is easy to care for and widely popular in British homes. Native to the rainforest, its popularity dates back to the Victorian era when they were crowned the ‘epitome of beauty' as documented in the wealthiest households’ indoor spaces. It’s a perfect selection for both living and workspaces as it has good winter hardiness ability and air purification qualities. Parlour palm is one of those gorgeous low-cost houseplants that are pet-friendly and worth your penny.

Origin: Native to Mexico and Central America

Also known as: Parlour palm, Table top palm, Neanthe Belle palm, Bamboo palm, dwarf palm, Collinia elegans

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot.
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Plant care

How much sun: A partially shaded room with indirect bright light can suffice. Tolerates some early morning or late evening direct sun (but not harsh as this will scorch the leaves).

Where to place: Place your Parlour palm where it can receive medium to bright indirect light. Avoid placing it next to windows that receive direct sun most parts of the day.

Temperature & Humidity: Average temperatures of 65°F -80°F are favourable provided they don’t go below 50°F. Normal to higher humidity levels are adequate.

Watering: Watering is desirable only when the soil feels dry. Always pour off the excess that settles on the pot saucer. Limit watering during winter and avoid overwatering as this encourages fungi and root rot, which may eventually kill the plant.

Plant Nutrition: Naturally, Parlour palms are slow-growers but applying a universal fertilizer is beneficial for the many plants growing in the same pot. For younger plants once or twice a month can suffice while for mature plants once in a couple of months is fine.

Toxicity: Parlour pam is a pet-friendly indoor palm.

Pot size
Pot cover size
18cm pot cover would be a good fit over the pot
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Pot size: 17cm
Pot cover size: 18cm pot cover would be a good fit over the pot


Chamaedorea elegans is a super popular houseplant boasting of its slender stems with dense lush green feathery/drooping fronds with an upright growth that brings a tropical vibe and elegance in most indoor spaces. Easy care, will cope with drying out & full sun.