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Roses are one of our most popular and favourite garden plants – and quite rightly so, as they have so much to offer. A kaleidoscope of colour from early summer, through autumn and often in to winter plus an enormous range of delightful scents – often used to make perfumes – and even colourful autumn and winter hips. There are dwarf patio roses, perfect for growing in containers, bush hybrid tea, floribunda and David Austin New English roses, delightful, character-full old-fashioned shrub roses, climbers and ramblers, as well as low-growing ground cover and tall standards to act as focal points.

With our fabulous range of climbing, bush and patio varieties we have the perfect choice for you. Our roses are selected for their beauty and fragrance, as well as performance and elegance. Roses also make the perfect gifts to mark special anniversaries and celebrations. Browse our full selection below and fill your garden with colour and scent.
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A wider range of roses can be found in our Garden Centres

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