Autumn and winter plant appearance

During autumn and winter, many plants have been trimmed or will have died back as part of their natural life cycle. When the warmer weather arrives, your plant will grow vigorously, and will be restored to its former size and quality.

Rose bushes

Enjoy the beauty of roses no matter what size garden you own with our bush roses – hybrid teas and floribundas. These can be planted in the ground or grown in large pots in prominent places, making them easy to move around and perfect for limited outdoor space. No one should have to go without the beauty of a rose bush, so this is the perfect solution! With a variety of colours, species, and blooms to pick from, you can find a bush rose that’ll suit you and your garden. From pale yellow to bright pink, white to deep red, decorate your outdoor space with masses of colour and delightful scents. Browse our full collection below and fill your garden with colour and scent.
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