Privacy - frequently asked questions

Will my information be safe?

Notcutts takes data safety very seriously and puts measures in place to ensure that we can meet the high standards our customers expect and are entitled to.

We use secure networks and encryption to protect our data against hacking and viruses. These measures are updated all the time. All of our staff receive training on the importance of respecting customer information and we restrict access to only those who absolutely need it.

Where we need a third party to help us deliver our services, such as a printer to print postcards and letters, we set up contracts with them so that they legally agree to receive, store and destroy data securely. These suppliers are audited regularly and are legally bound to never, ever sell personal information or use it for any purpose other than for what Notcutts requires.

What kind of personal information do you need?

Most of the information we collect is used to help us identify you such as your name or postal address to deliver an order or invite you to one of our events for example. With your permission, we also take your email address for keeping in contact with you about our products or loyalty club or your telephone number for dealing with any enquiries you may have about our services.

If you use your loyalty card to make a purchase with us, we also collection information on the products you have bought, the stores you visit and the date and time of purchases you make.

How do you use my information?

We only use your information in the way you tell us to when you select one of your four options.

Your information can be used in the following ways:

  • Process your order
  • Manage your online account
  • Manage your loyalty club subscription
  • Inform you about new products and services
  • Tell you about loyalty club events, changes or updates to the scheme
  • Suggest products we think might be relevant to you
  • To develop improvements in our services

Please take a few moments to read our Privacy Policy where you can find full details on what personal information we collect and how we use it.

How do you use my purchase information?

When you buy something at Notcutts using your loyalty card, whether instore or online, we collect information on what you have bought, which stores you visit and your favourite times to shop with us. This contributes to our overall picture of what our customers like most and which services they prefer. With that information we can better tailor our products to what is popular and make our services more relevant to how you like to shop with us.

What does the change in the law mean for me?

This legal reform is a really positive update on the current data protection act. It gives you extra protection wherever your data is held, lets you have more control over your own data and requires companies to be very clear about how your information is used.

Where does Notcutts stand on privacy?

We have always treated your personal information with respect and confidentiality and we welcome the changes in the law to protect customer data.

We keep your personal information safe and secure and take a proactive approach to being compliant with government regulations about data protection.

Why do you want my information?

For many reasons – but all of them are to make your experience of Notcutts better. Whether you shop with us instore or online, whether you’re a Privilege Club member or you are new to us, whether you love our events, products or restaurants, everything we do to meet your expectations and improve our services comes from the information you give us.

Can I withdraw my consent?

Yes you can withdraw or change the level of consent you have given us at any time. The simplest way to withdraw consent is by clicking the link at the bottom of any email sent by Notcutts.

To change the level of consent you can contact us or set up an online account and change your preference in the account settings.

Dispelling the myths about personal data

MYTH: You use my data for financial gain.

FACT: No, we will never sell your data.

Your information is invaluable to us in other ways and we really appreciate that you entrust us to keep it safe.

MYTH: I don’t benefit from sharing my information with you.

FACT: Our service to you improves because of your information.

Knowing what interests you and when you prefer to visit us provides us with valuable insight that we use to create exciting product ranges and better tailor our services to your needs both instore and online.

With the information you give us directly and by participation in our surveys we develop new services which we know you think are a good idea, as well as introducing new facilities to enjoy at our centres.

MYTH: I don’t have any control over my data once you’ve got it.

FACT: You can request access to your data record at any time.

You have the right to request a free copy of the information that we hold about you. If you would like a copy of some or all of your personal information, please email [email protected] or write to us at Notcutts Ltd, Woodbridge Support Office, Cumberland Street, Woodbridge, IP12 4AF. To process your request, we simply require proof of identification.

MYTH: You are trying to trick me into giving you my data.

FACT: We make your choices clear at every point we collect information.

It is to the benefit of our customers and ourselves that we manage your information responsibly and with transparency.

Changes in the law mean that companies are legally required to be explicit about what your contact preferences mean and how your information will be used.