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Schefflera Charlotte

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Schefflera can be a fast-growing houseplant and is known or it’s hardiness and ease to care for, making it a great houseplant for beginners or those that want to have a low maintenance plant to keep. These cultivars are uniquely beautiful thanks to their unusual tones of colour on their shiny green compound leaves that freely radiate outwards mimicking an umbrella.

Origin: Native to Taiwan, South China, North-eastern Australia

Also known as: Dwarf Umbrella tree, octopus tree, miniature Schefflera, parasol plant

Please note: this plant comes in a plastic nursery pot.
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Plant care

How much sun: Either or a combination of partial sun, partial shade, full shade.

Where to place: Place in spot that receives bright indirect light preferably next to a south or east facing window to accentuate its beauty. Avoid direct sun as this may scorch the leaves.

Temperature & Humidity: Schefflera thrives in warm temperatures between 65° F and 90° F. Normal indoor humidity keeps them happy and thriving. Misting occasionally would not harm.

Watering: Water when the soil feels dry. Avoid overwatering as it turns the foliage black.

Plant Nutrition: Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer specific for houseplants once or twice during the growing season.

Toxicity: Toxic to cats and dogs.

Pot size
Pot cover size
15cm pot cover would be a good fit over the pot
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Pot size: 13cm
Pot cover size: 15cm pot cover would be a good fit over the pot


Schefflera is a spreading evergreen shrub widely used as a houseplant that features an upright umbrella-like shape hence the common name umbrella tree. The shiny foliage is green with cream to white variegation.