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Our restaurants

Our restaurants are serving delicious breakfasts, lunches, drinks and snacks throughout the day and have vegetarian and vegan options daily for you to choose from.

Please check your local garden centre pages for details.

Our roots

notcutts roots

History of Notcutts

Notcutts was founded in 1897 by a budding horticulturalist of the Notcutt family, Roger Crompton Notcutt. The business has remained in the family ever since and the values that helped shape what we know and love about Notcutts are still at the heart of what we do today.

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Sustainability at Notcutts

Biodiversity, Sustainability and the Environment

At Notcutts, nature is right at the heart of our business and embedded in our horticultural and countryside DNA. We know that everything we do has an impact on nature and that’s why we want to protect it for generations to come.

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How to guides

How to plant a hanging basket

How to plant a hanging basket

Hanging baskets and hanging pots are an instant way to beautify your house, fences or trellis, giving your garden more personality and character. During the summer, hanging baskets can really lighten up even the dullest porch or doorway, making a wonderful first impression for visitors to your home.

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