Climbing plants

All gardens, but especially small gardens, need a good selection of climbing plants and wall shrubs to add colour and interest at height and to make the most of every inch of space. Climbers are very versatile – use them to clothe walls, fences, trellises, arbours and arches. You can even grow them up a small trellis or post in a large container. There are climbing plants and wall shrubs for full sun and full shade and all light levels in between. Many are also highly scented and perfect for growing up around patios where there fabulous fragrances can be enjoyed. Clematis will reward with a plethora of beautiful flowers and there are varieties for colour all year round. Honeysuckles and jasmines add fragrance and wisterias add the “wow” factor when they’re in flower. Browse through our superb selection of climbing plants and wall shrubs and cover all your upright structures with colour, scent and elegance.
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