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Some trees are grandiose, growing to a good height and spread and really only suitable for the biggest gardens. But don’t worry if you have a more modest plot, as there are trees for you too. Every garden has room for at least one tree – and there are so many to choose from. There are flowering cherries (Prunus) and crab apples (Malus), which provide dramatic displays of spring blossom. Choose hawthorns (Crataegus), mountain ash (Sorbus) and crab apples for wonderfully colourful autumn fruit. There are Evergreen trees for year-round colour, structure and interest. And there are also maples (Acer), mountain ash, hawthorns and cherries for a rainbow of autumnal leaf colours, and birches (Betula) and maples for structurally interesting bark, which looks great all year but really comes into their own in winter. Browse through our superb selection of trees and create fabulous and interesting focal points and shade for your garden.
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