Sample Menu

Here is a flavour of the delicious, freshly cooked meals, cakes and snacks that you can enjoy in our restaurants. Our dishes vary each day and by garden centre so check the full menu in your local garden centre for the day’s tempting offers and special dishes.


Banana bread with summer fruits (Ve) 334 kcal £4.95
Gardener’s breakfast platter 1299 kcal £8.50
Vegan breakfast platter (Ve) 854 kcal £8.50
Smashed avocado, bacon, poached eggs, spinach and tomato
(V & Ve options available) 840 kcal £7.50
Breakfast club sandwich (V option available) 1643 kcal £7.95
Selection of pastries (V)* from £1.95


Cheese and tomato pizza (V) 563 kcal £5.95
Tomato & basil penne pasta (V, GF) 231 kcal £5.95
Chicken bites with chips and beans (GF) 498 kcal £5.95
Jacket potato with cheese or beans (V, GF) 530/420 kcal £5.95


Children’s breakfast box 450 kcal £5.95
Beans on toast (V) 235 kcal £2.50
Scrambled eggs on toast (V) 406 kcal £2.50


British farm assured pork* £2.50


Carrot cake (V, GF) 448 kcal £3.95
Lemon drizzle cake (V) 698 kcal £3.95
Belgian chocolate cake (V) 856 kcal £3.95
Victoria sponge (V) 453 kcal £3.95
Homemade scones (GF option available)* £2.70


Tuna mayonnaise (GF) 532 kcal £6.95
Cheddar cheese (V, GF) 665 kcal £6.95
Baked beans (Ve, GF) 528 kcal £6.95
Apple and red onion coleslaw (V, GF) 353 kcal £6.95


Speciality chicken club sandwich 838 kcal £8.95
Sausage and onion chutney ciabatta 951 kcal £7.95
Tuna melt ciabatta 619 kcal £7.95
Cheddar and tomato ciabatta (V) 445 kcal £7.95


Tomato, basil and mozzarella ciabatta (V) 533 kcal £6.95
Egg mayonnaise with baby spinach (V) 589 kcal £6.95
Tuna mayonnaise with cucumber 569 kcal £6.95
Chicken, bacon and avocado 685 kcal £7.95


Chicken, bacon and avocado 674 kcal £10.95
Tuna salad with a lemon and fresh herb dressing 393 kcal £9.95
Plain caesar salad (V) 611 kcal £8.95


Notcutts speciality ploughman’s 1031 kcal £10.95
Hand-battered fish and chips (GF) 1029 kcal £12.95
Glazed bacon loin, eggs and chips 804 kcal £9.95
Pasta primavera (V, GF) 1244 kcal £9.95
Italian stone baked pizzas - various* (V options available) £9.95
Sea bass with crushed new potatoes and a cherry tomato sauce (GF) 350 kcal £14.95
Chicken, wild mushroom and tarragon pie with mashed potato, seasonal vegetables and gravy 978 kcal £12.95
Flatbread with halloumi, roasted peppers, salad and olives (V) 818 kcal £9.95
Sweet potato and red onion tart (Ve, GF) 760 kcal £9.95
Cauliflower, chickpea and onion bhaji pasty salad (Ve) 1186 kcal £9.95
Homemade quiche of the day and salad * £8.95

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

*Calorie information varies - see information in our restaurants for details

(V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan (GF) Gluten free

Sample menu - Regional variations may occur