Sample Menu

Here is a flavour of the delicious, freshly cooked meals, cakes and snacks that you can enjoy in our restaurants. Our dishes and offers vary each day and by garden centre so check the full menu in your local garden centre for the day’s tempting offers and special dishes.


Pancake stack (V) 347 kcal/523 kcal £5.95
Choose from berries and yoghurt or banana, honey and yoghurt
Gardener’s breakfast platter 1336 kcal £9.95
Vegan breakfast platter (Ve) 1088 kcal £9.95
Smashed avocado, bacon, poached eggs, spinach and tomato
(V & Ve options available) 796 kcal £8.95
Breakfast club sandwich (V option available) 1637 kcal £8.95
Fruit, yoghurt and granola (V) 363 kcal £4.95


Price includes a drink
Cheese and tomato pizza soldiers (V) 574 kcal £5.95
4oz cheese burger with chips 799 kcal £5.95
Chicken strips with chips and beans (GF) 420 kcal £5.95
Jacket potato with cheese and beans (V, GF) 553 kcal £5.95


Children’s breakfast box 639 kcal £5.95
Banana, yoghurt and honey pancakes (V) 291 kcal £2.95
Beans on toast (V) 324 kcal £2.50
Scrambled eggs on toast (V) 482 kcal £2.50


British farm assured pork sausage roll 420 kcal £2.75


Carrot cake (V, GF) 556 kcal £3.95
Lemon drizzle cake (V) 698 kcal £3.95
Caramel chocolate brownie cake (GF) 446 kcal £3.95
Victoria sponge (V) 432 kcal £3.95
Sticky toffee cake (Ve) 547 kcal £3.50
Homemade scones (GF option available)* £2.75


Tuna mayonnaise (GF) 588 kcal £7.95
Cheese and beans (V, GF) 765 kcal £7.95
Mixed bean and vegetable chilli (V, GF) 742 kcal £7.95
Apple and spring onion coleslaw (V, GF) 394 kcal £7.95


Smokey chicken BLT ciabatta 686 kcal £9.95
Sausage and onion chutney ciabatta 1031 kcal £8.50
Tuna melt ciabatta 671 kcal £8.50
Cheddar and tomato ciabatta (V) 509 kcal £8.50


Egg mayonnaise with baby spinach (V) 584 kcal £7.95
Tuna mayonnaise with cucumber 556 kcal £7.95
Cheddar, ham and salad 505 kcal £7.95


Superfood salad (Ve, GF) 329 kcal £10.95
Tuna niçoise salad (GF) 445 kcal £10.95
Homemade quiche of the day with new potatoes and salad* £9.95
Greek salad (V, GF) 428 kcal £10.95


Chicken, leek and asparagus pie 823 kcal £12.95
Chicken tikka flatbread served with Indian spiced potatoes and salad 665 kcal £11.50
Haddock Florentine mornay 707 kcal £12.95
Halloumi burger (V) 956 kcal £11.95
Mediterranean vegetable tart with new potatoes and salad (Ve) 758 kcal £11.50
Hand-battered fish and chips (GF) 1020 kcal £13.95
Sunday roast with roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and gravy* £13.95
Spanish chicken and chorizo 996 kcal £10.95
Pasta primavera (Ve) 1249 kcal £10.95

Adults need around 2000 kcal a day

*Calorie information varies - see information in our restaurants for details

(V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan (GF) Gluten free

Sample menu - Regional variations may occur. Our menu may vary by day and by restaurant. Please call ahead if you have your heart set on something special. There’s not a Notcutts restaurant at our Maidstone Garden Centre.

Terms and conditions
All our offers are not transferable and Notcutts reserve the right to withdraw or modify these promotions at any time without notice. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.

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