Real Christmas trees

Choosing your real Christmas tree at Notcutts is a truly magical experience. Wander through our fragrant forest and select the shape and size that is perfect for you. Our experts are on hand to help and once you’ve picked your tree we will carefully net it, bag it if required and carry to your car. We can also deliver to your home, local delivery charges apply.

Real potted Christmas trees

Available now in our garden centres from £32.99

Our container grown Christmas trees are a wonderful investment for the future. They are simple to care for and will bring joy for years to come. Plant out in your garden after Christmas providing the soil is moist or re-pot into a larger container to keep for another year.

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Real potted Christmas trees

Cut Christmas trees

Available November in our garden centres - Find one near you.

Our freshly cut Christmas trees are famous for their quality and perfect shape and will bring that touch of Christmas magic into your home. Available in many different sizes, they are hand selected by experts. Simple to look after, just trim off about 1 to 3cm from the trunk and top up with water daily during the festive season.

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Real cut Christmas trees
Real cut Christmas trees
Real cut Christmas trees
Real cut Christmas trees

Choosing your Christmas tree

Nordman Fir Christmas tree

Nordman Fir

  • The best needle holding tree
  • A great full bodied shape
  • Rich shiny green foliage
  • Available as cut or pot grown
Fraser Fir Christmas tree

Fraser Fir

  • Premium quality tree
  • Great needle holding
  • Silver reverse
  • Pleasantly fragrant
  • Available as pot grown only
Norway Spruce Christmas tree

Norway Spruce

  • A traditional Christmas tree
  • Trimmed to a nice shape
  • Good value for money
  • Ideal for use in the porch
  • Available as pot grown only

Garden advice

At Christmas time, we all fall into one of two camps...real or artificial tree? If you're a supporter of the traditional real tree you're in the right place! Buying a real Christmas tree often marks the start of the season and choosing from the types of trees available is an adventure all in itself. So how do you choose a real Christmas tree?

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Depending on size and variety, most Christmas trees will have been lovingly nurtured for over 5-10 years before being sold, so they deserve to continue being as well looked after.

Keep your Christmas tree looking beautiful:
Cut 1 to 3cm off the base
Use a stand that holds water
Check your water level once a day
Consider trimming some branches back

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Real Christmas trees