1. How to create your own organic garden

    How to create your own organic garden

    There are many benefits to organic gardening for not only the gardener, but for wildlife and the environment too. This is especially true when growing your own vegetables and fruit. Simply put, organic gardening means growing and cultivating plants without relying on synthetic or chemical products for pest control, weeding, or fertilisation. Many of us already use very few chemicals...
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  2. How to grow your own broccoli

    How to grow your own broccoli

    Choose ground where other brassicas (cabbage, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, turnips and mustard) have not been growing for at least two years. You can also grow Broccoli on an area where a previous crop has been cleared and the ground has not been dug over so that it is already firm. Alkaline soil is better than acidic soil, because this reduces...
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  3. Get started with grow your own

    Get started with grow your own

    There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a meal where one or more of the ingredients have been produced from your own garden or allotment. As soon as dinner is served, every moment of hard work and effort that goes into growing your own is immediately rewarded. Once your freezer and store room are full, why not get...
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  4. How to water your garden

    How to water your garden

    We know it’s often hard to remember, but summer does occasionally make an appearance in the UK. Your garden can still flourish and look beautiful during warmer weather conditions with a little planning and careful maintenance. Here are our top tips for conserving water and using water responsibly while caring for your garden in the summer.
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  5. How to repair your lawn after winter

    How to repair your lawn after winter

    It is quite normal for lawns to look jaded after the wet and cold winter weather; there may be yellow and brown patches and the grass will have grown at different lengths. If the winter has been cold and dry, levels of light throughout the season will mean the damage is not too bad but if the winter is cloudy...
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  6. How to prune roses

    How to prune roses

    There are over 100 species and thousands of cultivars of roses, but one thing they all have in common is the need for a bit of light pruning now and again. Simple pruning helps to promote vigorous growth and ensures plenty of colourful flowers. Pruning roses can be moderately difficult, especially if you’re dealing with an unknown species or particular...
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  7. How to make the best compost

    How to make the best compost

    If you’re struggling to get good results in your garden, then DIY garden compost could be a secret weapon. Making your own compost can save you money too, – great if you’re gardening on a budget – and it’s completely organic. Here are our tips on creating a DIY heap.
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  8. How to lay turf

    How to lay turf

    Creating your own lawn from scratch is easy. By choosing excellent quality turf and undertaking the right preparations, you'll be enjoying a beautiful green lawn in no time.
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  9. How to keep your garden safe and secure

    How to keep your garden safe and secure

    Whilst gardens aren’t necessarily the first place that you think of as burglary targets, garden theft isn’t uncommon. There can be a lot of expensive equipment lying around and there’s less risk of thieves bumping into anyone! Most household insurance policies only offer limited cover for garden-related items, so it’s important to secure your garden against theft. Fortunately, there are...
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  10. How to install an arbour or arch

    How to install an arbour or arch

    As wonderful as it is to fill your garden with plants and flowers, it’s also important to install an area for you to enjoy the fruits of your labour, as well as being a lovely decorative feature for your garden. Arbours and arches make a great addition to the garden both as a place to grow climbing plants and also...
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  11. How to improve your soil

    How to improve your soil

    Soil that is good in heart will always help you grow the best produce - whether that’s fruit, vegetables or flowers - so it’s important to keep your soil in good shape. Good soil is essential for anchorage of plants, providing oxygen, water and nutrients as well as protecting plants from big fluctuations in temperature. The better the quality of...
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  12. How to create and maintain the perfect lawn

    How to create and maintain the perfect lawn

    Whether acting as the centrepiece or simply linking other key sections of your garden together, a great lawn can be as rewarding as a beautiful bedding display. If you’re looking to grow your lawn from scratch or are looking for advice on improving what you already have, our tips to create and maintain the perfect lawn will help create that...
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