1. White blister

    White blister

    (several Albugo and Pustula species) White blister diseases attack plants in the Asteraceae (daisy) family and ornamental and edible Brassicaceae plants, producing white blisters and distorted growth.
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  2. Virus diseases

    Virus diseases

    (Various viruses) There are numerous virus diseases, which attack many ornamental and edible plants. They produce a range of different symptoms, mainly discolouration and distortion.
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  3. Tulip fire

    Tulip fire

    (Botrytis tulipae) Tulip fire is a fungal disease that attacks tulips. Affected plants produce brown spots on the leaves. The leaves also look twisted and distorted and may wither away.
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  4. Sooty mould

    Sooty mould

    (Numerous fungal species) Black sooty moulds growing on leaves rarely appear of their own accord. More often than not, they are a sign that the plant is under attack from sap-sucking insects.
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  5. Snowdrop grey mould

    Snowdrop grey mould

    (Botrytis galanthina) Snowdrop grey mould is a fungal disease of snowdrops, which causes the flowers, leaves and flower stems to collapse and die.
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  6. Rusts


    (Several fungal species) Rust diseases attack a wide range of plants, usually producing orangey or yellow, rust-coloured – but not always – spots on the leaves, and sometimes stems.
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  7. Rose black spot

    Rose black spot

    (Diplocarpon rosae) Rose black spot is a fungal disease that attacks roses, causing black or purplish leaf blotches. Attacks usually lead to premature leaf drop, weakening the rose.
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  8. Powdery mildews

    Powdery mildews

    (Several fungal species) Powdery mildew diseases attack a wide range of plants, producing a white or greyish powdery covering on the leaves, stems and flowers. They are worse in dry conditions.
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  9. Potato blight and tomato blight

    Potato blight and tomato blight

    (Phytophthora infestans) Blight is a serious disease of potatoes and tomatoes, which can ruin the crops of both vegetables, making them totally inedible. Check plants regularly for symptoms.
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  10. Phytophthora diseases

    Phytophthora diseases

    Phytophthora Root Rot (several Phytophthora species) Phytophthora Bleeding Canker (various Phytophthora species) Ramorum Dieback (Sudden Oak Death) (Phytophthora ramorum and P. kernoviae) Potato and Tomato Blight (Phytophthora infestans) Damping off (several Phytophthora species)
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  11. Peony wilt

    Peony wilt

    (Botrytis paeoniae) Peony wilt is a common fungal disease of peonies, producing brown patches on the leaves and stems, which then collapse, and flower buds fail to develop and open.
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  12. Peach leaf curl

    Peach leaf curl

    (Taphrina deformans) Peach leaf curl is a fungal disease that attacks peaches and nectarines and sometimes almonds and apricots. It produces distorted leaves with red blisters.
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