1. How to grow your own potatoes

    How to grow your own potatoes

    Potatoes are one of the most versatile vegetables, and they are surprisingly easy to grow, even on a small patio or balcony.
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  2. How to protect your garden in winter

    How to protect your garden in winter

    In recent years, the UK has seen its fair share of wintry flurries. Many of the plants that are grown in our gardens are perfectly hardy and, if growing in the ground, are not damaged by low temperatures. However, there are some easy ways to give your garden extra protection against snow, cold snaps and generally unpredictable weather patterns...
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  3. How to create a Christmas wreath or garland

    How to create a Christmas wreath or garland

    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to get creative and add your own personal touches to your festive home. Watch our short ‘How to’ video with four simple steps to help you achieve a beautiful Christmas wreath or garland to wow your guests this season.
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  4. Light up Christmas

    Light up Christmas

    Find out how to brighten the night with our guide to lighting your home this Christmas!
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  5. Colin's Frequently Asked Questions

    Colin's Frequently Asked Questions

    Colin, our resident plant expert, has been advising Notcutts customers about their gardening needs for many years,  and here are a selection of some of the questions he has answered through our "Ask Colin" service:   I am growing bamboo in pots; do they need any maintenance? Watering is the main requirement. Ideally stand on a saucer. You can divide...
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  6. How to care for your houseplants

    How to care for your houseplants

    Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the popularity of houseplants, partly due to more people working from home and wanting to create a fresh and welcoming environment. As well as creating a mini makeover for your home, plants can help your health and wellbeing by improving the air quality as well as your mood. When...
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  7. How to care for your lawn in autumn

    How to care for your lawn in autumn

    Autumn is a great time to get your lawn into shape before the temperature starts to change. With a little time invested now, you can achieve a luscious lawn that will thrive next year and beyond. Watch our short ‘How to’ video with 4 simple steps to getting your lawn in tip top shape.
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  8. How to plant a tree

    How to plant a tree

    Autumn and early winter are the ideal times to plant trees. The soil is still warm and the plants are losing their leaves, so will need less water and be under less stress as they establish their root system through the winter. Container grown trees are available year round from your local garden centre.
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  9. Caring for your guinea pig

    Caring for your guinea pig

    How to keep pet guinea pigs healthy and happy Guinea pigs (or cavies as they are sometimes known) make excellent pets for children as they tend to be quite docile, are very gentle and don’t bite when handled. Guinea pigs are small and light enough for children to handle but this must always be done with adult supervision. Click here...
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  10. Caring for your rabbit

    Caring for your rabbit

    How to keep pet rabbits healthy and happy Rabbits are lively and responsive pets, each with their own distinctive characters. Rabbits can be great fun, but it is a big responsibility and a long-term commitment to care for them. Rabbits can be good pets for children provided they are handled with care and always supervised. If looked after properly, pet...
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  11. How to start a compost heap

    How to start a compost heap

    Homemade compost is a great soil conditioner to use as surface mulch around existing plants or for digging it in to your soil before planting. All soils benefit from the addition of bulky organic matter, which will act as a sponge to hold moisture in light, sandy soils and help break down heavy clay soils, making them easier to work...
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  12. Caring for your zebra finch

    Caring for your zebra finch

    How to keep pet zebra finches healthy and happy Zebra finches are lively, chirpy little birds and one of the most attractive pet birds. With their intricate markings and inquisitive character, they are a firm favourite for an aviary or indoor cage. Zebra finches originally come from Australia and can live up to 10 years with good care. Zebra finches...
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