1. Create a stumpery

    Create a stumpery

    Popular in Victorian times, stumperies are making a comeback. Not only do they create a feature of a shady spot in your garden, but they double up as a magical habitat for wildlife.
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  2. Coastal garden plants

    Coastal garden plants

    Gardening by the sea is a challenge and an adventure. It’s a challenge because of the very special problems posed by salt-carrying winds and even blown sand.
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  3. Container plants

    Container plants

    During summer, we spend a lot of time outdoors, entertaining and dining on our patios, so they need to be colourful and welcoming. Some gardens are so small that there’s only room for a patio or for a few plants growing in containers. So which ones are best?
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  4. Hedge plants

    Hedge plants

    Hedges make brilliant property boundaries, as well as providing privacy. They’re also perfect for providing wind shelter and more interesting than a fence.
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  5. Shady plants

    Shady plants

    Shade in the garden has its benefits, but can also create difficult growing conditions for some plants. Suitable plants need to be able to tolerate these darker areas.
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  6. Kitchen garden

    Kitchen garden

    If you’re as interested in cooking as you are in gardening, perhaps you’ve considered creating a kitchen garden to introduce homegrown produce into your food. No matter what size space you have to work with, growing fruit, veg and herbs in your own back yard is so rewarding, as well as creating your own regular supply of healthy and incredibly...
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  7. Wildlife garden

    Wildlife garden

    Whether you’re interested in the birds and the bees, or butterflies, hedgehogs, frogs and other insects, creating a haven for wildlife in your garden is pretty straight forward. With a few simple tweaks you’ll see a huge increase in visitors without compromising on the way your garden looks. Not only that, but with much of the British wildlife struggling to...
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  8. City/urban garden

    City/urban garden

    Being a city-dweller often means that your garden space is more limited than if you lived in the countryside. If your garden space is at a premium, you can still make a petite patio, the smallest patch of grass or the tiniest of balconies the perfect outdoor haven - you just have to be a little more creative and make...
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  9. Fragrant garden

    Fragrant garden

    Creating a fragrant garden isn’t just about filling your area with an overwhelming array of sweetly scented flowers. Of course flowers are responsible for a great deal of the fragrances in a garden, but there’s a lot more to consider. It’s also a commonly held belief that gardens are only pleasantly scented in spring and summer, but with a little...
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  10. Shaded garden

    Shaded garden

    Not every garden in the UK is going to benefit from getting a great deal of sun - and not just as a result of the British climate! Many gardens in the UK are north facing or overshadowed in built up areas, meaning they see very little sunlight. Many gardeners feel that this can limit their ability to make the...
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  11. Prairie garden

    Prairie garden

    If Little House on the Prairie was your favourite series of books in your youth, you might well be interested in making your garden in homage to the novels. Maybe you never read the books but simply admire the prairie’s wild and wistful sense of nature and wish to recreate it in your own corner of land. The good news...
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  12. Oriental garden

    Oriental garden

    Oriental Gardens are a haven of tranquility and serenity. The heavy Chinese and Japanese influence creates a distinctive feeling which couldn’t be more different from the garden styles we’re used to in the UK and can help bring stillness and calm to even the most bustling of cities and lifestyles, as well as to the smallest of spaces. Unlike most...
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