1. How to create a Christmas wreath or garland

    How to create a Christmas wreath or garland

    Christmas is a wonderful time of the year to get creative and add your own personal touches to your festive home. Watch our short ‘How to’ video with four simple steps to help you achieve a beautiful Christmas wreath or garland to wow your guests this season.
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  2. Light up Christmas

    Light up Christmas

    Find out how to brighten the night with our guide to lighting your home this Christmas!
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  3. Top 10 tips for caring for real Christmas trees

    Top 10 tips for caring for real Christmas trees

    Depending on size and variety, most Christmas trees will have been lovingly nurtured for over 5-10 years before being sold, so they deserve to continue being as well looked after. Here we explore some top tips to keep your Christmas tree looking beautiful throughout the festive season. When you first bring your cut tree home (before bringing inside), cut 3cm...
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  4. How to choose a real Christmas tree

    How to choose a real Christmas tree

    At Christmas time, we all fall into one of two camps...real or artificial tree? If you're a supporter of the traditional real tree you're in the right place! Buying a real Christmas tree often marks the start of the season and choosing from the types of trees available is an adventure all in itself. So how do you choose a...
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  5. Garden furniture buying guide

    Garden furniture buying guide

    Buying a new piece of garden furniture is an exciting investment into spending more time enjoying your outside space – however you wish to use it. Whether you’re looking for a wooden bench for two or a resin weave suite for eight, there are lots of options to consider. Our furniture buying guide explores the most frequently asked furniture questions...
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  6. BBQ buying guide

    BBQ buying guide

    A little warm weather is all the excuse we need for hosting a BBQ – come rain or shine, the Great British pursuit of BBQ-ing is among the highlights of a great summer. Choosing the right BBQ that can handle your requirements is more than just a question of taste and the choice can seem a little overwhelming. Our BBQ...
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