1. January gardening guide

    January gardening guide

    The month of January is all about laying strong foundations for a flourishing garden in the weeks and months to come. Top gardening tasks for this month include protecting your garden from frost, checking supports for damage and moving plants to sunnier spots. Birds also need a little extra help in January so don't forget to keep feeders topped up...
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  2. February gardening guide

    February gardening guide

    At a time of year when wintery weather is still in force but those big garden projects can't wait any longer, we need to make the most of each sunny day that comes along in February. Spring is on its way soon and with the lengthening days and (slightly) warmer weather, February sees the first signs of life starting to...
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  3. March gardening guide

    March gardening guide

    Hurrah for March and the arrival of spring! With more frequent and longer sunny days, your garden will start to wake from its winter slumber and become a hive of activity. Now is the time to get busy preparing seed beds, sowing seed, cutting back winter shrubs and generally tidying up around the garden.
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  4. April gardening guide

    April gardening guide

    April sees the garden come alive with colour. Flowering trees are starting to bloom, early Tulips are making an appearance and shrubs are stirring into life with lush green, red and tawny brown leaves. Downpours and lovely sunny days will kick start lawn (and weed) growth, making April a busy time for maintenance in the garden. While spring truly has...
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  5. May gardening guide

    May gardening guide

    May in the garden is a joy to behold with new growth and changes happening every day. Fresh new perennials are flourishing, late tulips are in full bloom and many shrubs are flowering. Even though May is a hectic time for gardeners, be sure to enjoy the warmer weather by taking time to relax in the beautiful space you are...
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  6. June gardening guide

    June gardening guide

    The garden is in full bloom in June, from the smallest bedding plants to towering shrubs, there is no shortage of colour! Roses are really getting into their stride and the taste of new potatoes and young carrots are also among June's highlights. Days are at their longest from the dawn chorus to summer solstice which gives gardeners the most...
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  7. July gardening guide

    July gardening guide

    July is the time of year to really enjoy your garden as an outdoor space. Borders are at their peak, perennials are in bloom, butterflies are feeding on Buddleja and the vegetable garden is rewarding all your hard work with new crops to harvest every week. The pace of work cools off a little this month with any major changes...
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  8. August gardening guide

    August gardening guide

    As many summer perennials finish flowering by the end of this month, it's richly coloured autumn daisies such as Echinacea, Rudbeckia and Helenium and late summer shrubs like Buddleja and Abelia taking centre stage. The garden is buzzing with bees, butterflies and insects attracted to the sweet scents of August. Enjoying the garden as an entertaining space is one of...
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  9. September gardening guide

    September gardening guide

    September is a month of change in the garden as the temperature begins to dip giving us misty mornings and cooler nights. Plants are reacting to this change and begin to harden up for the winter months. Vegetable plots are giving up the last of their summer crops while autumn fruits including apples, pears and autumn raspberries are ripening. September...
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  10. October gardening guide

    October gardening guide

    Autumn is in full swing and with it comes a beautiful spectrum of colour. Autumn perennials add their rich hues to the borders, along with the dainty, starry flowers of late clematis varieties. Winter flowering shrubs are stirred into action and many berries are hanging onto branches long after the leaves have coloured and fallen. Hazelnuts and acorns are ripening...
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  11. November gardening guide

    November gardening guide

    November sees the last bursts of colour in gardens, parks and woodlands before winter draws in. It's time for evergreens to take the mantle, providing protection for wildlife and festive foliage for our Christmas displays. Bird tables and feeders become more crowded as different species jostle for a place with ground feeding Chaffinch and Dunnocks cleaning up below. November's gardens...
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  12. December gardening guide

    December gardening guide

    Don your warmest coat and gloves and head out into the garden for those essential pruning and digging jobs that need to be done in December. At this time of year, preparing for winter's harsh elements is of the utmost importance but once everything is in place, you can relax and plan for next year's garden in the warmth and...
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