1. Caring for your budgerigar

    Caring for your budgerigar

    How to keep pet budgies healthy and happy The friendly budgerigar (or budgies as they are mostly known), make excellent pets that are hardy, easily cared for and full of character. They are also easy to tame and can be taught to talk and whistle. Click here to read our full guide to caring for your Budgerigar
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  2. Caring for your Bengalese finches

    Caring for your Bengalese finches

    How to keep pet Bengalese finches healthy and happy Bengalese finches are one of the most charming and interesting birds to keep as a pet and are easy to care for. There are many colour variations to choose from although you won’t see Bengalese finches in the wild, they are solely bred in captivity. Click here to read our full...
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  3. Caring for your bearded dragon

    Caring for your bearded dragon

    How to keep your pet bearded dragons healthy and happy. Bearded dragons are very rewarding pets and make an ideal first pet reptile. If you take good care of him he can live for up to 10 years. Even though bearded dragons are very calm, they are more suited to older children and adults because they are delicate and handling...
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